Our battery is a standard 510 connection and made with stainless steel, coated in rubber. We recommend using GRB batteries with our cartridges because of the unique airflow design, which may not be compatible with other batteries.

Every GRB vape kit comes with a cartridge, battery, strain band, and charger.

Please only use the charger that came with your GRB battery.

Simply screw the battery into the charger, then plug the charger into any USB adapter (such as a laptop or wall outlet).

Our pens come with a variable airflow, which means you can control how big your cloud will be. If you cover the airholes, you will have a bigger cloud but less flavor. Leaving the airholes uncovered means there will be a smaller, tastier cloud.

We are always developing new products and formulations. Our Rocket 1 gram hardware will be launching in 2018, and we have more surprises lined up as well!

We offer both the standard 500mg as well as the ‘Rocket’, a premium 1 g cartridge which will be launching in 2018.

GreenRock completes a full spectrum pesticide and contaminant screen so that we can be confident in the products we sell. You can see our results at SCLABS.COM

After a CO2 extraction, we then distill our oil using either shortpath or thin film processes to ensure the consistent quality associated with GRB products.

While exact strengths will vary by batch (our oils are coming from a plant, after all!) they tend to sit above 70%- consistent with pure cannabis oil.

The GRB pen has four holes on top near the mouthpiece and two on the bottom where the cartridge and battery connect. If you hold the pen in different ways, it can give you a different type of hit.

GreenRock uses stainless steel tank with a durable quartz crystal chamber wrapped in a branded matte rubber exterior. This combination helps to ensure that our pens provide superior performance, with less breakage and a tighter grip for our consumers.

Because of our high manufacturing standards, we can personally guarantee each and every GRB cartridge and pen. If there’s a defect, just bring it back to your clinic and have it swapped out- free of charge.